Henryton State Hospital

Located in Carroll County, Maryland, Henryton State Hospital has been deemed “unfixable”. Plans to demolish this asylum have been pushed from 2014 to 2013. I was lucky enough to see it and document its beauty. One lone angled gate marked the entrance.



It was a hike up the long street. I could faintly see the Administrative Building in the distance.


The infamous white buildings seemed to pop-up out of nowhere once I got over the hill.


When I turned the corner, I was faced with an immense and difficult decision as to which building to explore first. The brown building was not my “cup of tea” as it scared the daylights out of me. The more refreshing, no-windowed main buildings were better suited for exploration.



Inside the white buildings, it looked like a bomb went off. Debris, and even old picture frames were shattered and spread across the floor.



During my research prior to exploration, I heard of literal holes in the ground. I found those holes….


Now I saw why the government and local police suggested I not go to Henryton….but I was already there, so might as well continue exploring in the safer parts of the building, right?


I thoroughly enjoyed Henryton. I felt as though this asylum, which according to the Baltimore Sun, has had 70 fires in its day, spoke to me, saying, “We need help….”

It should have been dealt with better, the decay. I realize that sometimes, not all buildings can be saved. But, if officials and those in charge of these kinds of things would have acted on it a little bit faster, maybe Henryton wouldn’t be in this situation.

I have spoken to several people on the topic of Henryton. A preservation organization has tried to save Henryton in the past, but has been unsuccessful in trying to do what I do — show people the possibilities of a building and what it could be, not what is currently is.

2 thoughts on “Henryton State Hospital

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  2. its sad but now its at peace they are going to make it part of the park again maybe they should erect a memorial plaqe to the place and make a park siting area with pick nick tables and stuff that would be nice at least the restless souls hope are at peace now and the vandals have no more stuff to burn or destroy sad about todays youth are so scewed up sad to see the place go rip henryton

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